Leveling Casters

Leveling Casters provide a solution for applications on uneven surfaces. If your application must be stable or level without exception,a leveling caster can make that happen. They can also make it easy to transition the application between mobile and stationary states.

Leveling Caster Applications

If your application requires infrequent movement, or a level surface (or both) then a leveling caster is the tool you need.

Leveling CasterThe most common type of leveling caster uses a geared screw to easily raise and lower a foot. When the foot is raised, the application can easily roll around on the caster wheel. When it is lowered, the application becomes stationary. The foot can then be finely adjusted to ensure that the application is level.

The uses of leveling casters include everything from medical and high tech equipment, to kitchen islands and pool tables.


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