Dolly Wheels and Dolly Casters

National Caster Corporation manufactures all kinds of dolly wheels to meet all dolly and dolly cart wheel needs. All caster styles, types, and brands for dolly wheels built on-site.

Dolly Wheel Applications

Dolly wheel of all models, types and brands are produced by National Caster.

Dolly casters and wheels can be used on hundreds of applications from the home and office to industrial environments. Dollies can be used on furniture, computer equipment, heavy duty machinery, or anything else that needs to be able to move around.

National Caster also supplies replacement wheels for dollies available in all models, styles, and brands for all applications.

Dolly Wheels

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Dolly Wheel and Caster Options

The wheels used for a dolly can vary depending on your task and your rolling surface. Nylon, Neoprene, Soft Rubber, Hard Rubber, Phenolic, Polyurethane, Metal, and many more tread types are available. We can help you choose the perfect dolly wheel and tread for your application.

These wheels can be configured to handle a variety of environments and tasks.

Dolly wheels and dolly caster wheels can be fitted with several types of bearing and brake options to make sure your caster performs as you want.

There are a wide array of connection types from grip ring, top plate, threaded, and grip neck.