Food Service & Restaurant Wheels and Casters

The food service casters and wheels manufactured by National Caster Corporation can satisfy any food service caster needs. Meeting NSF standards and sanitary needs is no problem with our NSF and washable casters and wheels. All caster styles, types, and brands for food service built on-site. Guaranteed, we have the casters you need. Call to speak with a representative to select your caster.

Food Service Caster Applications

National Caster manufactures many casters and wheels for food handling from a variety of brands.

The food service industry standards are very demanding, and we can help you meet and exceed them! We can manufacture casters to meet NSF standards as well as meet the standards of your own application.

Some food service and restaurant applications need very specific casters or wheels. Baking trays need to be able to withstand high heat, and the high temperature phenolic casters can handle up to 525°F. Other casters may need to be washed on a regular basis, in which case solid polyurethane wheels would be the perfect choice. No matter what your food service and handling needs, we have the casters to get you rolling.

Examples of applications for food service casters include dish carts, food trays, baking racks, and tables.

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Food Service Caster

Food Service Caster Options

The food service casters we manufacture can be ordered with specific options to meet your needs. Different bearing options can be used depending on your application. Many of the casters can also be ordered with various styles of brakes.

From high temperature phenolic canvas wheels to washable solid polyurethane wheels or solid steel wheels, we can supply the casters and wheels you need to get your food service applications moving.

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