Flanged Wheels and Double Flanged Wheels and Casters

National Caster Corporation manufactures single and double flanged wheels. Flanged wheels are designed to function and perform in industrial applications. Wheels and caster models for both new and replacement applications.

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Flanged Wheel Applications

Flanged wheels are designed to roll on track or rail, creating a controlled mobility. This is advantageous for workflow and getting loads up off the floor. When accurate tracking is desired, double flanged wheels are a desirable option. Flange wheels perform well in a variety of industrial, institutional, and commercial environments and situations.

Models of flanged wheel casters are also designed to handle extreme weight capacities, allowing for the optimum wheel and caster unit.

Whether new or replacement in application, National has all models of flanged wheels and casters.


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Flanged Wheel and Caster Options

National Caster also manufactures ductile flanged wheels, suitable for applications that will be under heavy shock and stress. Ductile wheels will provide more give than standard cast iron or other metals, allowing for better shock absorption.

Most common connection types available are top plate for larger models, and also threaded stem and grip ring on smaller units..

Flanged caster wheels can be fitted with several types of bearing and brake options depending on usage..

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